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When you consider massage… rest assured you are in the right hands!  At Chiropractic Northwest, we offer a range of healing options in massage therapy.

We have developed an affordable monthly massage program.  Monthly massage should be an integral part of any wellness and longevity program.  You’ll always have a therapist with a familiar face and you’ll always receive massage in a professional and comfortable atmosphere.

As part of our devotion to your wellness we offer Postural Massage Therapy (PMT).  Unlike “regular” massage therapy, we’ve pioneered this comfortable and effective method that focuses on biomechanical correction of the injury along with restoring normal soft tissue tone.  This method can stand alone or be combined with our unique chiropractic methods.  When combined, you are receiving the most innovative and advanced care in the industry.  You can also choose from one of our other massage options.

Swedish Massage: Relax, relax, relax!  This traditional muscle massage applies light to medium pressure and is designed to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, improve circulation, and leave you relaxed!

Therapeutic Massage: Loosen up those tight muscles!  Deeper tissue techniques are used in this firm massage, for relief in your problem areas or for all over body relief.  This technique may be combined with Swedish Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage: This technique is normally used in conjunction with many other styles of massage.  It is different in that the pressure is consistently deeper and works the muscle tissue below the superficial layers.  This style of massage can be beneficial for chronic or acute pain and is not recommended for those who have never had massage.

Warm Stone Massage: This treatment incorporates the use of heated basalt stones with various techniques.  The heat and weight of the stones facilitate the alleviation of muscle tension, increasing circulation, and balancing the energies… a complete state of euphoria.

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